I love the art of learning.

It is a joy to see students grow and learn. Achieve their goals.
Gain confidence. Perform at their best.

STEAM Funk Education offers tutoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics. Looking after students from K-12 and beyond. I focus on the enjoyment of learning. Listening to the students problems, questions and ideas. Increasing confidence and engagement. I offer tutoring on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The location is up to you; your place or mine or online.






I focus on the needs of my students.

I know the syllabus, I know the core knowledge and I know every student is different. So I adapt and change what and how I teach to match.

K-12 and Beyond

Focused on students needs at their time of life.

Northern Beaches

Tutoring and Teaching on the Sydney Northern Beaches at your place or mine.


Achieving successful outcomes and personal goals


Using zoom or equivalent to provide quality online tutoring

I would love to hear from you.